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The expert organization under the direction of Bokhan E.A. offers you the services!

BOHAN Evgeny ALEKSANDROVICH is brought in «The register of experts on wood, forest products, designs and products from wood, technology of timber cuttings and a woodworking» for 2011 for researches on a subject «American rules of sorting of a carving wood». The official publication of the Register in the magazine «Woodworking industry» of No. 2 for 2011г. The register is placed on the Internet to the address: The expert works more than 20 years in a zone of activity Nakhodkinsky and other customs of Far East customs office. Branches in Primorsky Krai are created and function:. Nakhodka, Arsenyev, Chuguyevk's, Dalnerechensk, all experts have existing certificates of conformity of competence.



  • measurement and confirmation of volume and quality, the nominal sizes, humidity and volume weight, a way of sawing up, drying and an antiseptirovaniye of wood of parties leso-and a carving wood, etc. in the customs purposes (for column 31 GTD filling) with issue of the relevant Act of examination on place of production of forest products, and also in the territory of SVH, PZTK, in ports of Primorsky Krai;
  • confirmation of the above-stated characteristics of forest products for exporters and buyers for the purpose of reduction in compliance with contract requirements.


  • consultations, development of technical requirements on export carving wood, reduction of ready contract requirements in compliance with requirements of the standards applied by FTS of the Russian Federation, updating of export contracts for frictionless passing of customs declaring of a carving wood in the Russian territory.


  • on Boundary (DVZhD Grodekovo's Art.), MAPP Boundary, DAPP "Poltavka".



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